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Mortensen and McKellar's Karate (originally Doshi Kai Karate) was founded in 2007 by Dana Bean, Larry Mortensen (4th dan), and Joe McKellar (2nd dan) to help kids from the Hunter School have fun while learning martial arts, discipline, respect, and honor. They moved to the Ninth State Movement Complex in 2009, opening the school to the public, and Dana retired shortly thereafter. Our school changed its name to Mortensen & McKellar's Karate after Larry, former top student of Pete Porter (10th dan), took over management of the school. They are now located at the Tapply Thomson Community Center in Bristol, NH and offer both karate and kickboxing/fitness classes for children and adults. 


Larry, Joe, and later Theresa (3rd dan), through their own continued training, keep the core values and quality of instruction at their dojo at the highest standards, balancing fun and games with solid, time-tested practice drills and techniques. They and their students consistently do well in tournaments all over New England and they love passing on their knowledge to children and adults alike in the dojo. 

Mortensen and McKellar's Karate

Traditional Karate, American Kickboxing, and Yoshitsune Jujitsu

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