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  Frequently Asked Questions 

How do I pay for classes?

Please contact the TTCC for more information on payment options. 

What should I wear for class?


For the first few classes, students can wear T-Shirts and roomy shorts, sweatpants or yoga pants. Afterwards they will be provided with a gi (karate uniform) and white belt free of charge. We recommend that earrings, necklaces, bracelets, watches, and socks be removed and fingernails and toenails kept short to help reduce risk of injury.


Do I have to sign a payment contract?


 No. We offer students and their families flexibility in choosing to go to one or two classes  a week and you will only be charged for the classes you attend. For example if you go to only two beginner classes in a month, you will only be charged twenty dollars for that month. 


Are your teachers qualified? 

Larry Mortensen is a fourth-degree black belt, high-ranking competitor in New Englands tournaments, and behavior management specialist. Joe McKellar is a first-degree black belt and clinical social worker. He and Larry both have almost a decade of karate experience. Theresa Orlowski is a second-degree black belt and has been assisting at and teaching classes since 2015.

When can I test?

You will be offered an opportunity to test whenever you have met the requirements for your next rank. You will either test by yourself or with other classmates, if others are ready to test as well. 

Do you charge for testing?

No. Testing, promotions, and rank belts are included at no additional cost to you. 


When can I join your classes?

You can join our classes whenever you're ready. Karate classes run year round and our flexible payment options allow students to take time off for vacations, other sports, or anything else that may come up without losing money.

Can family and friends watch?


Yes. Family and friends are encouraged not only to watch but to be engaged in their students' karate journey.

Do I have to go to tournaments?

No. Students are encouraged to attend or compete in tournaments but official competition is not in our requirements for rank.

Mortensen and McKellar's Karate

Traditional Karate, American Kickboxing, and Yoshitsune Jujitsu

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