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Larry Mortensen, Renshi

Larry started learning karate in 2007 when he founded Doshi Kai Karate with Dana Bean (6th degree black belt and former world sparring champion). The purpose of the dojo was to teach kids from The Hunter School (a special education school where Larry previously worked) the values instilled through martial arts. In 2009, the school was opened to the public at The Ninth State Movement complex to expand the dojo and help The Hunter School kids learn how to function better in a healthy social setting. Shortly afterwards, Dana was forced to retire because of health problems and Larry was left in charge of the school. Larry continued learning karate from Dana's instructor Pete Porter (10th degree black belt), recently earning his 5th degree black belt and continues to pass on what he learns to his students. 

*have not added anything about awards won at tournaments

Joe McKellar, Sensei

Theresa Orlowski, Sensei

Theresa joined Larry's karate class in 2012, developing a love for the martial arts and quickly rising through the ranks. In 2014, she became an assistant instructor and started competing regularly as a brown belt. The very next year, she won the I.P.P.O.N.E triple crown championship and Twin State double crown championship and in 2016, earned her black belt. She now continues to compete as a black belt and loves teaching classes on her own. 

Mortensen and McKellar's Karate

Traditional Karate, American Kickboxing, and Yoshitsune Jujitsu

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